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Jessica Mauboy

Jessica Mauboy Customer

The best salted caramel cupcakes I have ever eaten!

Anna Pappas

Anna Pappas Customer

Vanoir!!!!! You are truly amazing.The cake was the best ever so far! Even my father in law who always complains loved it.

Scentre Group

Scentre Group Customer

O M G, the cake was so delicious and fabulous.

Jan Robinson

Jan Robinson Customer

They are so good and melt in your mouth.

Trisha Mok

Trisha Mok Customer

Vanoir, the one and only provider of good things in life.

Annalee Powell

Annalee Powell Customer

They are the perfect end of meeting pick-me-up.

Sony Music Aus

Sony Music Aus Customer

The cake is WOW Wow Wow.

Westpac Group

Westpac Group Customer

One word - out of this world.

The Morning Show

The Morning Show Kylie Gillies


Thanks VANOIR the most beautiful and delicious cake. It is a edible art